Baby Classes

Movement and Massage Classes

Movement and Massage Classes

Learn techniques to stimulate your baby’s physical and sensory development! Each class will cover a different aspect of physical development to help your child achieve their milestones. Classes will also cover infant massage to give you techniques for calming and soothing your baby.

After just four classes you will be able to boost your baby’s development and learning and promote relaxation all on your own!

Classes can be especially helpful for babies who dislike tummy time, or are slightly delayed in their motor milestones. Groups are kept to a maximum of four, making individual attention for babies requiring extra consideration possible.

An optional fifth class will be presented at the end of the course for mothers wishing to learn basic life support for babies. Bespoke sessions (venue and time or virtual online) can be created for groups of three or more on request.

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Children's Physiotherapy Treatments

Side shot of woman lying down with back arched up and holding onto baby who is sat on top of woman.

Initial Assessment

Thorough assessments for preterm and newborn babies regarding development; head shape or head turning preference; sleep and colic; chesty coughs.

Neuro Developmental, Respiratory and Musculoskeletal Assessments for all children up to 16 years.

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Follow-up Treatments

  1. 1) Bobath and Neuro Developmental Therapy
  2. 2) Chest physiotherapy
  3. 3) Neurological Rehabilitation
  4. 4) Joint Hypermobility
  5. 5) Torticollis and Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome)
  6. 6) Musculoskeletal injury
  7. 7) Developmental Coordination Disorder
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Newborn & Infant Advice

Learn how to handle and stimulate your baby to boost their development and optimise achievement.

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Virtual Sessions:

Contact us to request a physiotherapy session via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom media.

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